FAKRO has been given the prestigious award “ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture - Best of Best" for its innovative DXW “walkable” flat roof window and INNOVIEW vertical windows.


This year's edition of ICONIC AWARDS is headed by a slogan: "Innovative Architecture - The whole world of architecture" which refers to its international nature. ICONIC AWARDS, organized by German Design Council, is one of the first independent international and design competitions taking into account interactions between different fields.

The contest is focused on construction projects distinguished by an international presentation, interior and product design as well as attractive communication in the architectural context.

As one of the international centres of expertise in the area of design and architecture, German Design Council acts as a kind of link between designers and the construction industry. Its awards are perceived as a tribute to international quality for development and creative achievements.

The jury consisting of representatives of architecture, interior design, design and brand communication selected FAKRO products due to their innovative character in the aspect of architecture.

"Innovation is in the DNA of FAKRO and one of the main driving forces behind its continual development. We create our products with the comfort of every user in mind. Therefore, this prestigious award is the culmination of our efforts. Moreover, it is an additional source of motivation for us and our market partners to create innovative solutions", said Sławomir Gawlik, FAKRO Group Marketing Director.

DWX walk on windows

The DXW window allows to create a new space within the flat roof that can be used as a terrace, outdoor recreation facility or even a small garden. All this thanks to innovative design of the DXW window, its enhanced load capacity and a special non-slip coating to ensure complete safety when walking across the window surface.

The interior gains a lot of natural light which is essential for our well-being. Awarded FAKRO INNOVIEW vertical windows open a new look at the space found inside the home. Having the ability to offer wide range of forms and shapes, INNOVIEW windows can help think differently about the interior design, taking a great advantage of the perspective, views and environment as an integral part of the interior design concept. The innovative combination of wood and aluminium in INNOVIEW products is the engineering of tomorrow that we can enjoy today.

"We find the received award as a prestigious distinction on the international arena and a consequence of close and longstanding cooperation with architects who inspire us every day to come up with innovative solutions", commented Małgorzata Respekta, FAKRO Architect Liaison Specialist.