Anti-Smog cleanAir Products

As the autumn and winter seasons close in bringing with them shorter days, cooler mornings and evenings, we brace ourselves for another period of heating our homes and places of work to retain an accepted level of comfort. The excessive use of heating systems in our homes and the workplace presents a major problem as it brings with it additional air pollution and even smog to our towns and cities. It is vital that we retain clean air in not only our homes but also in schools, colleges and places of work. Given that most people spend some 90% of their time indoors it is important that we look after our health by the use of clean and filtered air. The application of FAKRO anti-smog products ensures that we enjoy an environment with clean air.

Smog contains chemical compounds and when these are combined with dust particles and high humidity they can cause acute asthmatic and allergic reactions. Generally regarded as two of the most dangerous and particulate matters known as PM10 and PM2.5 which have minute diameters of 10 and 2.5um respectively they are virtually invisible to the eye. Children, pregnant women, elders and those with respiratory issues are especially sensitive to smog and unfiltered air.

The removal of smog is not easily achieved as the vast majority of households and some factories & offices still use solid fuels for heating and cooking etc. Emissions from, and an increase in, motor vehicles also contribute to the amount of smog and pollution entering the air that we breath.

Anti-Smog cleanAir Products

The BIG question is: How do we protect ourselves and families from the potentially harmful effects of smog and air pollution? We can greatly reduce the adverse influence of smog and air pollution by using high quality air filtering products to greatly improve the air that we breathe.

FAKRO, a leader in innovative products, are pleased to introduce a range of modern and practical anti-smog awning blinds and cleanAir filter frames designed for vertical windows. These highly efficient products are equipped with RESPILON AIR® membrane made of nanofibers which is constructed in layers to create a dense, durable mesh that makes them extremely effective in the control of air pollution entering a room.

Permeability of clean air through the membrane is 20% and the window can be left slightly open to give some natural ventilation while retaining filtered air into the room.


Prof. Jacek Schnotale, PhD Eng. from the Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Department of the Krakow University of Technology stated that:

“The Filter membrane is a very dense mesh containing fibers with a diameter of 50-150 nanometres. The extremely strong nanofibers form a compact, robust structure making the membrane used in the FAKRO filter products a very effective barrier against air borne pollution.”

The membrane used in FAKRO anti-smog and cleanAir products is the result of years of testing and research by eminent European scientists. The unique characteristics have been tested and proved in such laboratories as EMPA (Switzerland), VUT (Czech Republic) and Nelson (USA).

Anti-Smog cleanAir Products

Awning blinds and cleanAir filter frames not only protect against smog, but also against allergens, bacteria and dust. For this reason they are an excellent solution for allergy sufferers who experience a wide range of discomfort due to plant pollens found in the spring and summer seasons. These effective products also act as mosquito screens and provide an effective barrier against annoying flying insects. The membrane also provides protection to the inside against overheating on sunny days as it stops 80% of the solar energy from entering the room. An added feature is that it also improves the thermal insulation performance of the window by up to 9% on cold days. The membrane is easy to maintain and keep clean, only requiring the occasional washing with a mild detergent and water. Awning blinds and cleanAir filters are unique products to the market that considerably enhance the air quality within the room, which is vital as we all need to breath clean air to retain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.