A guide to home security

It's vital that you feel safe and secure in your home. Although you might have a low crime rate in your neighbourhood it's still important that you take precautionary measures - so we've got you covered with our top tips! 


A guide to home security


Get an alarm system

The presence of an alarm system will deter criminals from entering your home! If a criminal suspects' alarms, it will deter them from committing further crimes as there's an increased risk of them being caught by the neighbours or police. 

Although it sounds like a pricey choice, alarm installation costs range between £125 and £800 depending on whether you want a simple or sophisticated system. So, you can get added protection without breaking the bank!


Don't keep valuables in plain sight 

Avoid storing your valuable jewellery, electricals or keys near windows and doors. There are a few simple ways to hide your valuables that will deter thieves from entering your home. 

  • Hollowed out books: The key to a successful hiding place is to make it not obvious! If you do hollow out a book for your valuables, make sure the shelf is full so that the thief is deterred from suspecting it. 
  • Fake containers in the kitchen cupboard: Use empty cereal boxes to stash your cash and other valuables. 


Change all your locks when you move into a new home

It is unlikely that you will know exactly how many sets of keys were cut and are in circulation for your new property so it’s wise that you change all locks once you have moved in. Locks can be changed on doors, windows, garage doors, external doors, and gates, etc.


A guide to home security


Add an automatic light to your front door

Outdoor lights are a great way of notifying yourself and your neighbours to suspicious activity! Plus, they not only offer protection but they’re also useful for those dark winter nights when you’re trying to find your keys.


Install roof windows that offer topSafe technology 

There’s no need to worry about the security of your roof window, at FAKRO we’ve got you covered. topSafe is the unique FAKRO roof window reinforcement system – setting standards in roof window security that gives you peace of mind in a safer home.

Since 2008, FAKRO has installed the topSafe anti-burglary reinforcement system onto all roof windows - as it is imperative to reassure either your customers or your family they are effectively protected against intruders. This means that FAKRO were the first to proudly stamp all their roof windows with the British Standard Class III – EN 13049.

A guide to home securityA guide to home securityA guide to home security


topSafe comes as standard with all FAKRO roof windows, so you can choose the best window for your project with the knowledge that it will provide added security.

For further advice on our TopSafe technology, please contact our team on 01283 554755.