Old military barracks transformed into luxury loft houses

At the end of 2019, a military barrack in Ede (the Netherlands) was transformed into seven houses and one daycare centre. One of the spearheads of the renovation was that the exterior of the building would remain exactly as it was.

A total of 132 FAKRO centre pivot windows (FTW-V U3) have been installed in the building, including 25 Z-Wave electrically controlled windows. The roof windows are built in extra deep, especially for the preservation of the old look. This way they coincide nicely with the design.

The high placed roof windows let a lot of natural light inside. But the residents also need protection from the sun once in a while. All of the 132 centre pivot windows are provided with AMZ Solar electric awning blinds. These 'smart' screens open and close automatically in case of excessive sunlight and can also be controlled by the residents.