roof windows

High quality materials and state of the art production techniques enable FAKRO to ensure excellent quality control and create durable, safe and functional roof windows that, together with their unrivalled insulation properties, are breaking new ground in roof window design and construction. 



- opened in a centre pivot method
- ensure a flow of fresh air and allow light into the room


- allow light and fresh air into the room, ensure unobstructed access to the window and a wide view to the outside through the open window - can be opened in two ways: outward and centre pivot




- axis of rotation is situated above the centre of the window
- lower part of the sash fulfills the role of a top hung window and the upper one acts as an additional source of daylight 


- innovative, large roof window in which the open sashes create a balcony.
- the upper top hung sash opens upwards and the lower one tilts forwards, providing free access to the balcony recess.



- installed where the roof meets a vertical wall


- arc window
- conservation window
- non-standard shapes and flashing


  Escape windows    

- enables safe and easy access to the roof and also acts as an escape window
- vailable in two versions, right opening FWR or left opening FWL