Smart Home

Smart HomeFAKRO joinery products are integrated into an advanced technological solution of FAKRO smartHome system and can be operated locally via remote control.

The introduction of additional sensors and a control panel will allow the management of your home via a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The use of FAKRO products gives high quality and incredible visual effects while their integration into the smart home system makes your dream home come true





Smart Home



FAKRO products that can be integrated into the smart home system include:

  • Z-Wave roof windows
  • Z-Wave internal and external roller shutters
  • Z-Wae awning blinds for roof windows
  • Z-Wave awning blinds for vertical windows
  • Flat roof windows
  • Vertical windows
  • Sliding HS doors
  • Garage doors
  • Entrance doors


The FAKRO smartHome products are based on the use of the Z-Wave protocol, which is a wireless radio system. Z-Wave is a communication technology that is specially designed to allow the control and monitoring of both residential and commercial buildings. The Z-Wave technology provides the highest level of quality and safety available in the field of wireless technology.

BETTER LIFE COMFORTFAKRO smartHome advantages include

Using smart home solutions takes your comfort of live to a much higher level. The integration of electrically controlled devices makes the building “think for us” and makes everyday life easier.


A smart home helps to protect your home – depending on the solutions used the intelligent FAKRO smartHome can protect against unwanted burglary, fire and flood. You can make sure that windows and doors are closed, while electrical devices are turned off. In addition, it can make life easier for elderly people, children and persons with reduced mobility.



FAKRO smartHome advantages include



In the FAKRO smart home system it is possible to configure the system so that your house will conserve energy and heating during its use. For example, when opening the window to ventilate the room the thermostat can automatically reduce the amount of heat transmitted by the radiator.  


You cannot buy time, but you can certainly save it! Using the FSH system you can spend extra time on relaxation. With the FAKRO smartHome system you will have more precious time for yourself. 



The FAKRO smartHome system is a system with a very high degree of flexibility. It can be easily modified at any stage of construction, and even once fitted. The wireless Z-Wave system means that you can add more devices and sensors into the operating system as they are required.