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Filter products - cleanAir

How can we effectively protect ourselves against smog and allergens?

Clean air within our homes and working areas is a must for a comfortable and healthy environment. Given that most
people spend 90% of their time indoors (especially in the cold UK winters!) it is important that we look after our health by having clean and filtered air in both our homes and places of work. The use of products that filter the air and limit the amount of pollutants and allergens are now be a real consideration in the building design process. The use of such products enhances air quality in
the room and delivers positive impacts on our health and well-being.

As leaders in innovation and producers of highest quality products Fakro have invested in the introduction of a modern product
from the cleanAir family. This range of products includes automatically operated air filtering awning blinds and filter frames fitted
onto the window using the Respilon Air® membrane.

Filter membrane cleanAir

The filter membrane is a very dense mesh containing fibres with a diameter of 50-150 nanometres. The extremely strong nanofibers form a compact, robust structure that can stop even the smallest solid and liquid particles. This means that the membrane and its unique filtering functions provide excellent and reliable protection against smog, microorganisms and allergens.

microfiber membranes

Constructed of nanofiber layers, the Respilon Air® membrane protects against smog, different types of pollution and allergens while providing a constant inflow of fresh air.


Filter membrane - effects


internal air flow diagram



Fakro anti-smog and anti-allergen cleanAir products are an ideal solution for those living in conjestion zones. Winter time is a season with particularly high levels of air pollution and often exceed permissible standards. By using Fakro cleanAir products you can still leave the window open for ventilation with the membrane filtering pollution to ensure only clean air enters the building.

People suffering form allergies will appreciate the use of cleanAir products as it delivers a positive impact on the air that they breath.

The ability to stop pollen, bacteria and fungi from entering the room will also enhance the living environment for those suffering from allergies and heyfever. Installing cleanAir does not involve any additional operating costs and is very simple to install and operate, especially since the outer surface of the fabric can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth.

cleanAir window filter



Fabric technical data

Dust protection: fabric technical data
Composition: Mesh: polypropylene, polyester
Nanofi bre layer: polyvinylidene fl uoride
Weight: 121.6 g/m2
Thickness: 0.58 mm
Air permeability: Air permeability: ~ 20%*
Protection against overheating (solar factor): g tot=0,67-0,126**
Improvement in window thermal performance ~ 9%
Warranty 2 years
Cleaning & Maintenance:

- Use a vacuum cleaner or low level compressed air to remove dust and dirt;
- Wash with soft sponge and warm water (max 35°C) with soap (or special agents for PVC), rinse with clean water;
- Do not scrub with sharp and abrasive objects;
- Once cleaned, allow the fabric to dry before use;
- Do not use high pressure washer or aggressive cleaning agents/solvents/ alcohol/petrol etc.

* Over time the membrane becomes tighter and captures more dust particles, while its air permeability decreases.
When cleaning not all dust is removed but the air permeability is improved.
** Based on comparison with the awning blind’s fabric featuring similar parameters, range for diff erent types of glazing (this means that a minimum of 90% of solar energy is stopped by the membrane).
*** Dependent on the usage conditions (after this time it is recommended to replace the membrane).