NEW! Innoview - Vertical Windows and Doors

Innoview wooden windows and doors


Innoview large span sliding doors

FAKRO – Leading Manufacturers of Roof Windows Present:


NEW! Innoview - Vertical Windows and Doors


Innovative Vertical Windows and Doors

Large-sized doors and windows is a hot architectual trend that changes and expands living space, delivering even more natural light. Large glazing areas - fully functional, easy to open, secure and beautifully made - Innoview transforms homes.


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Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO

Wood and Aluminium  

Our expert engineers and innovators have bonded the properties of both wood & aluminum with advanced technologies to achieve unique results, creating INNOVIEW.

The innovative combination of wood and aluminium in INNOVIEW products is the engineering of tomorrow, that you can enjoy today.


Precise mechanisms and expert engineering allow unprecedentedly easy operation of large-sized sashes – this truely brings the outside in, and moving between them across the low threshhold is extremely safe.  


Thanks to modern hardware system with anti-burglary class rc2, all INNOVIEW slide doors feature increased resistance to burglary and provide what matters most in your home – a sense of calm and safety.  

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO

Aesthetics, Durability and Choice

Through combining a wooden interior and outer aluminum frame, we bring together aesthetics and durability in a way that is changing trends in architecture.

Made to the same high standards of build quality and thermal and sound insulation Fakro has become known for, the Innoview range and will change your perception of large scale windows which are infused with the latest technology to ensure long term, trouble free operation and maintenance.

Innoview also provides flexibility for all environments in modern architecture and a full choice of colour customisation, door sizes and textures.


Download the Fakro Augmented Reality App today and see Innoview in action.

1 Go to the App Store or Google Play

2 Download and install the FakroAR App

3 Launch the app, follow the instructions and aim your camera at the 'SEE BEYOND' image on screen below (or in your Innoview brochure) 

4 Discover new Innoview...

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO

Comprehensive Solutions for your Home

Learn about the Innoview range which includes:

  • Doors
  • Vertical windows
  • Garage doors
  • Awninig blinds

Innoview products are defined by their quality engineering and build, their safety features, ease of use and superior aesthetics as well as guarantee synergy with other products available in both this range and the wider Fakro product portfolio.  

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO


Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO More info: Download catalogue

Vertical windows INNOVIEW - FAKRO Download AR marker

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